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Table 2 Average and Median “OV time” for pre-assignment and post-assignment periods for the “IVEP” and “GD” courses

From: Using open source technologies and open internet resources for building an interactive video based learning environment that supports learning analytics

Course Video duration “OV time” in pre-assignment period for students that completed the assignment “OV time” in the post-assignment period for all students that accessed the video in this period
IVEP 30 min Avg: 2 h 45 min Avg: 53 min
Median: 2 h 28 min Median: 45 min
No of students: 30 No of students: 29
GD 7 min Avg: 1 h 25 min Avg: 29 min
Median: 1 h 2 min Median:15 min
No of students: 31 No of students: 25