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Table 2 Video analytics comparison

From: Video annotation and analytics in CourseMapper

Study Data, variables, context (What?) Objectives (Why?) Methods (How?) Stakeholders (Who?) Experiment Tool lifecycle
Identifying Learning Strategies Associated with Active use of Video Annotation Software [35] CLAS and MSQL trace data, midterm scores, number of annotations, covariates derived from MSLQ and SPQ questionnaires Monitoring, Analysis, Reflection: investigate the impact of video annotation software usage on learning and academic performance Linear regression modelling (Statistics) Researchers, Learners N S
Analytics of the Effects of Video Useand Instruction to Support Reflective Learning [36] CLAS trace data, assignment of participants to the two different experimental conditions, annotation counts, LIWC special variables for linguistic analysis Monitoring, Analysis, Awareness and Reflection: usage of video annotation tools within graded and non-graded instructional approach Non-parametric statistical hypothesis tests; LIWC 2007 software, SPSS analysis (Statistics) Researchers, Learners N S
Making Sense of Video Analytics: Lessons Learned from Clickstream Interactions, Attitudes, and Learning Outcome in a Video-Assisted Course [32] VLAS trace data, video navigation, survey results, students learning performance/score collected via system questionnaires Monitoring and Analysis: understanding interactions with video lectures; investigate relationship between video analytics, attitudes and learning performance Aggregated time series visualization; Charts examinations; T-Tests (Graphics) Researchers C R
How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos [38] edX trace data, interviews with edX staff, page navigation, video interactions, submitting a problem for grading Recommendations: how video production decisions affect student engagement in online educational videos Data mining (Statistics, Graphics) Video Producers, Teachers R S
The Who, What, When, and Why of Lecture Capture [33] "Recollect" event monitor trace data, interactions of users with player, events collected from player’s “heartbeat” mechanism, student questionnaires Monitoring, Analysis, Auditing and Interventions: create a low-level semantic logging framework within learning environment; analyse interaction and perception data to form groups based on learning preferences K-means clustering (Statistics, Graphics) Researchers C S
Using a Video Annotation Tool for Authentic Learning: A Case Study [34] Two-part survey, direct observation, semi structured/interactive interview Reflection, Evaluation, Feedback: determine if integration of video annotation tool (MAT) into a learning environment is effective Information visualization (Charts) Teachers Learners C S
CourseMapper Traces collected from students interaction with media, annotations time frame and count Feedback, Reflection, Monitoring, Awareness: highlight important and “hot” parts of a mediacontent via annotations and heatmaps Information visualization (Heatmaps, Annotation map stack) Learners, Teachers N, C R
  1. Experiment: N: Natural experiment, C: Controlled experiment, R: Retrospective study
  2. Tool Lifecycle: S: Single setting, R: Reusable