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Table 1 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the SL project

From: Transforming learning for the smart learning paradigm: lessons learned from the Palestinian initiative

Strengths Weaknesses
• Most of the schools’ principals and teachers supported the project
• Acceptable infrastructure in the schools
• Proliferation of digital technology in the schools
• Interactive book for four topics
• Availability of Wi-Fi Internet and 3G
• Emerge new teaching methods among teachers
• Acceptance of local community to support the project financially.
• High percentage of using Internet
• Different types of devices with different operating systems.
• Lack of high-quality of content
• Low bandwidth of the school network
• Lack of guideline, vision, and goal
• Lack of collaborative with local universities
• Culture of teachers
Opportunities Threats
• High providing schools with different devices
• Professional development of teachers
• New jobs in design content
• Students’ equity of using new technology
• Mitigate of teachers’ daily difficulties
• Cooperation with local universities
• Share ideas and experience with technology
• Checkpoints and the separation wall
• Standardization of the content and assessment
• Parent’s interfere
• Students privacy