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Table 3 Functions and features in ONYA

From: Reusable content matters: a learning object authoring tool for smart learning environments

Features Description (Function) Example
IMS Content Package Operations • Create/Open/Edit IMS Content Package The IMS Content Package Operations menu opens the existing content package for editing using the Open Content Pack function. The new content package re-purposed and edited for a certain educational need and uploaded to the relevant SLEs for use.
Metadata Operations • Create New Metadata File
• Edit the Current Metadata File
• Search in Metadata File
• View Metadata File
The metadata of the content package is edited by XML Processing function.
Web Operations • Search Educational Content
• Academic Search
• Social Media-Interaction
The contents could be searched on LORs (EBA, Merlot, Scootle, LORAX), founded and downloaded to the system with the Web Process function. When a particular LO is found, it could have extracted, repackaged for a certain educational application situation via IMS Content Package Operations function.