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Table 1 Weekly themes and communication skills

From: Effects of reciprocal peer feedback on EFL learners’ communication strategy use and oral communication performance

Themes Communication skills/focus
Skin lightening Expressing causation:
- Because of/Due to X, Y happens.
- X{affects/influences/causes/produces/results in} Y.
Real life problems Stating solutions to problems:
- In order to solve this/these problem(s), one answer is …; a second/third/final answer is…
- In order to overcome this/these problem(s), one solution is…; a thing we can do is…
New drugs affecting our community Debating for position taken:
- Students take a side and argue whether a new drug should be “legalized” or “banned.”
Gender Equality Debating with supporting evidence/examples:
- Students debate whether women are finally truly equal to men and use ideas/examples given to create an argument for a position taken.