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Table 2 Prompting questions and communication strategies and enhancers

From: Effects of reciprocal peer feedback on EFL learners’ communication strategy use and oral communication performance

Prompting questions for peer feedback

Communication strategies and enhancers


Q1. Did your partner make sure that you understand what he/she wanted to say?

Confirmation request (Dornyei & Scott 1997)

You mean he did not get my point?

Q2. Did your partner ask for an explanation when he/she didn’t understand what you had said?

Clarification requests (Dornyei & Scott 1997)

What do you mean?

Q3. Did your partner try to use other words or use another description when you didn’t understand what he/she had said?

Circumlocution (Tarone 1983)

It is something that we use to dry our hands (Tissue).

Q4. Which part do you think your partner needs to improve on if he/she had a chance to have this conversation again?

Communication enhancer

Any oral example that the interlocutor thinks functions as a discourse enhancer.