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Table 1 Tabular representation of the communities arising from collaborations among teams

From: Analyzing students’ collaboration patterns in a social learning environment using StudentViz platform

  1. Lines represent the teams, while colored columns represent 4 consecutive timeframes. The PageRank column depicts the value obtained by each specific team in the teams graph; for readability reasons, the value of the PageRank has been multiplied by 100 and rounded. Cell color depicts affiliation of at least 3 members of a team to a specific community. The letters in each cell bring additional information about community membership: in case a cell has only one letter, then all the members of that respective team are part of the same community (e.g.: in timeframe T1, all members of Team 1 are part of community a). Otherwise, a number in front of each letter represents the count of team members that are part of the community specified by that letter (e.g.: in timeframe T4, 3 members of Team 4 belong to community a and 1 member to community b).