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Table 1 Use of cognitive apprenticeship items

From: Utilizing a smart cognitive support system for K-8 education

Cognitive Apprenticeship Framework Item Representation in OBCSS
Content • Domain knowledge is modelled with concepts and relations between concepts defined CogSkillNet.
• Content is defined by learning objects and their relation with cognitive skills in CogSkillNet.
• Heuristic strategies are used to find cognitive skills that are related to other cognitive skills in CogSkillNet.
• Control Strategies are used to check learners’ errors and make them practice to fix these errors.
Method • Modelling technique is used to make learners practice cognitive skills by using learning objects that have application presentation strategy
• Coaching and Scaffolding techniques are used to forming thinking processes of learners by making them study the cognitive skills that they gave wrong answers in pre-test. Learning objects that have presentation strategy lecturing of lecturing are used for this process
• Reflection and Articulation techniques are used to make learners comment on anything during their study about environment or learning process.
Sequencing • Sequencing technique is used to sequence cognitive skills in mandatory study or practice phase by an order of increasing complexity and increasing diversity