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Table 5 Themes, sub-themes and teachers’ speeches

From: Educational games and the new forms of interactions

ThemeSub-themeTeachers’ speeches
the importance of body movement activities(+) development of motor skills and body language“(...) usually, children made movements using their body to do everything. The body is so important that before starting speaking babies use their body as a way to interact with other people. For babies, body movements work as a language of communication. Further, children will use body movements to play and to do everything in their life (...)."
performing activities with gestures and body movements(-) the excessive number of students in a class“It is complicated to work with this kind of activities when we have many students in a class. I have 35 students in my class, it is too much (...) I’d want to work with 20 so I will be able to handle such activities and watch out what the students do."
performing activities with gestures and body movements(+) promote practices of body movement and gestures using kinect“Sometimes, I take my Kinect to my classes. (...) I am not sure if I’ve already taken here to this group of students... I think I applied only once activities using Kinect with these students. In the other school that I work, I’ve taken the Kinect more times."
impact of our game on the students learning(+) have an impact on the learning of CT fundamentals“I think it helps a lot... everything that involves a reflective thinking encourages the child to take time to concentrate on their thoughts and consequently it brings benefits to the learning process. It’s really cool... It supports the children reasoning to do things... Indeed it will bring benefits to my classes."
impact of our game on the students’ learning(+) interaction by gestures requires the students to have more attention“We should pay attention to the students’ behavior."(...) “To see if they are really concentrated on the game. Because sometimes they act automatically."
the use of this kind of game(+) use our game to support their classes“Certainly, I’d like to use. I liked it... I’m looking at all the time to the game." “Can I play it by using the projector or a digital whiteboard, for example? It would be more suitable to apply it in the classes."