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Table 1 Questions involved in the current study

From: Flipped learning wheel (FLW): a framework and process design for flipped L2 writing classes

CategoryInterview question/ questionnaire questions
1. Problem identification- (Questionnaire) Do you agree that revision based on feedback (either teacher feedback or peer feedback) is important for the improvement of writing skills?
- (Questionnaire) In L2 writing, do you think teachers provide quick or sufficient feedback on student writing works?
2. Rationale of the solution- (Questionnaire) Who do you think benefits from peer feedback, students with high language proficiency, students with low language proficiency, feedback giver or feedback receiver?
3. Benefits and barriers of the FLW design- (Interview) What are the benefits or barriers of the FLW design?
4. How to upgrade the FLW framework- (Interview) Is there anything unclear in the FLW design? Is there anything to add or delete from the process description?
- (Interview) Will you implement the FLW design? Why or why not?