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Table 3 Final paper selection

From: Hybrid medical simulation – a systematic literature review

Paper titleYear publishedDisciplineAuthor
Wearable simulated maternity model: Making simulation encounters real in midwifery2019MidwiferyAndersen, P., Downer, T., O’Brien, S., & Cox, K
Tracheostomy Overlay System: An Effective Learning Device Using Standardized Patients2015Nursing EducationCowperthwait, A. L., Campagnola, N., Doll, E. J., Downs, R. G., Hott, N. E., Kelly, S. C., … Buckley, J. M.
An easy-to-build, low-budget point-of-care ultrasound simulator: from Linux to a web-based solution2017UltrasonographyDamjanovic, D., Goebel, U., Fischer, B., Huth, M., Breger, H., Buerkle, H., & Schmutz, A.
Avstick: An Intravenous Catheter Insertion Simulator for Use with Standardized Patients2018Nursing EducationDevenny, A., Lord, D., Matthews, J., Tuhacek, J., Vitlip, J., Zhang, M., … Cowperthwait, A
Advancing renal education: hybrid simulation, using simulated patients to enhance realism in haemodialysis education2015HaemodialysisDunbar-Reid, K., Sinclair, P. M., & Hudson, D.
Expanding the Fidelity of Standardized Patients in Simulation by Incorporating Wearable Technology2017Nursing EducationHoltschneider, M. E.
Quantitative Approach Based on Wearable Inertial Sensors to Assess and Identify Motion and Errors in Techniques Used during Training of Transfers of Simulated c-Spine-Injured Patients.2018Paramedic TrainingLebel, K., Chenel, V., Boulay, J., & Boissy, P.
Hybrid Simulation in Teaching Clinical Breast Examination to Medical Students2019Nursing EducationNassif, J., Sleiman, A.-K., Nassar, A. H., & Naamani, S.
High Fidelity Patient Silicone Simulation: A qualitative evaluation of nursing students’ experiences.2012Nursing EducationReid-Searl, K., Happell, B., Vieth, L., & Eaton, A.