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Table 9 Learners’ perspectives on how the affordances of YouTube videos made learning and improving writing easy

From: Smart multimedia learning of ICT: role and impact on language learners’ writing fluency— YouTube online English learning resources as an example

Q34. How do you think that the affordances of YouTube videos made learning and improving writing easy for you? (n) % responses
the closed caption and its adjustable related settings can make learning writing easier as it can optimize comprehension of videos content; (15) 100%
archived and updated learning materials (i.e., this makes it easy to retrieve, check particular piece of information and learn new things); (11) 71%
the closed caption helps me correct and improve my vocabulary, grammar, spelling mistakes and language use through checking my writing with the language used in some video content (given that this language used is taken as a model especially the natives’ language); (14) 92%
the use of closed caption attracts and focuses the attention and thus facilitate learning/ noticing aspects related to writing (i.e., grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuations); (13) 85%
simplified, diversified and professional presentation styles through some YouTube channels make learning writing easy and encourage me to write and interact in writing classes; (13) 85%
autonomy of learning; (14) 92%
flexible, interactive, interesting and dynamic learning environment; (11) 71%
community learning; (13) 85%
easy to learn and develop writing due to the availability of new language input every class; (14) 92%
In the comments and live chat section on YouTube, I can write and share what I think with a huge number of learners around the world without feeling shy down the process; (15) 100%
Easy to understand and expand on ideas/ topics for writing tasks; (11) 71%
Easy to learn from mistakes and corrections and improve my writing accuracy; (14) 92%
Easy for the visual and/or auditory learner (i.e., rich multimodal learning materials like readable, audible and/ or visual materials) (14) 92%