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Table 1 Signature Pedagogies

From: Praxis pedagogy in teacher education

Signature PedagogiesCharacteristics of signature pedagogies
Professional Practice (Schatzki, Kemmis, Green)Recognises personal learning from immersion in practiceSupports communities of practice to support inquiry for improved learning environments and student learningContinuing critique of practice for change of conditions to formulate ideas of new practice
Repertoires of practice (Kalantzis, Cope)Identifies and articulates features of pedagogical, curriculum, assessment practicesLinks key features of pedagogy, curriculum, assessment for change and improvementCritiques repertories of educational practice as social activity that supports satisfaction and progress
Teacher as Researcher (Stenhouse)Systematically investigates own practice for improvementParticipates as member of school-based research team/sRelates local, national and global research, policy and practice
Case Conferencing (Shulman)Generates case and commentary writing for understanding of practiceParticipates in case conferencing and concept analysis for production of teachers’ knowledgeEncourages articulation and analysis of teachers’ knowledge in relation to theories of curriculum and teaching
Community Partnership (Gonzalez, Moll & Amanti; Sizer)Connects with local communitiesIntegrates community culture and knowledge into curriculumInvestigates community to understand local aspiration, history, knowledge, language
Praxis Learning (Freire)Investigates / provides description, explanation, theorising and change of practice in response to reflection on practiceDemonstrates a curriculum developed from praxis and in response to refectionConstructs learning environments of ethically-informed action for the public good
Participatory Action Research (Kemmis)Identifies and advocates key issues of policy and participates in collecting data for analysisContributes to project discourses with internal and external team membersTheorises and critiques research findings in the public domain
Portfolio Dialogue (Freire, Dewey, Brookfield)Compiles and discusses artefacts of personal learning over timeParticipates with artefact and knowledge discourses that show understandings of meanings of practiceDemonstrates a coherent philosophy consistent with personalised practice and community change for public good