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Table 10 Kinds of support that academics need in order to use telepresence robots

From: University academics’ perceptions regarding the future use of telepresence robots to enhance virtual transnational education: an exploratory investigation in a developing country

Kinds of support Number and percentage (%)
How to select the best fit telepresence robot 41 (89.1%)
Appropriate logistical support 37 (80.4%)
Technological support regarding knowing how to implement the telepresence robot system architecture 46 (100%)
Pre-service and in-service appropriate capacity building 46 (100%)
Pedagogical support regarding the educational collaborative activities and assessment procedures that should be adapted to the use of telepresence robots 38 (82.6%)
How to align educational environments with the requirements of using telepresence robots to maximize learners’ potentials 38 (82.6%)
Building confidence in using telepresence robots among academics and stakeholders 43 (93.5%)