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Table 6 Academics’ proficiency levels regarding using telepresence robots’ technology

From: University academics’ perceptions regarding the future use of telepresence robots to enhance virtual transnational education: an exploratory investigation in a developing country

Proficiency levels Number and percentage (%)
Unfamiliar I do not have experience with telepresence robots’ technology 24 (52.17%)
Newcomer I have tried to employ telepresence robots’ technology, but I still need help regularly 5 (10.87%)
Beginner I can carry out core functions in a few numbers of telepresence robots’ applications 7 (15.22%)
Average I show an ordinary competency in some telepresence robots’ applications 4 (8.70%)
Advanced I have the ability to competently employ a diverse range of telepresence robots’ applications 3 (6.52%)
Expert I am highly competent in employing telepresence robots’ applications 3 (6.52%)