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Table 1 Curriculum content for geometry strand in the TTNPMC (2013)

From: Designing gamification for geometry in elementary schools: insights from the designers

Focus Articulation
Content 2.1.4 Develop spatial sense through explorations in relation to plane shapes
2.1.5 Investigate properties of plane shapes
2.1.6 Solve problems involving plane shapes. (p. 181)
Skills 2.2.7 Explore the effects of orientation change on plane shapes (p. 185)
Dispositions 2.3.2. Display collaboration while working in groups (p. 141)
2.3.3. Display confidence in the exploration of plane shapes (p. 181)
Outcomes 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the properties of plane shapes (p. 181)
Elaborations Investigate the effects of changing the orientation of a shape by first measuring the shape and then changing its orientation and then measuring again (p. 182)