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Box 1 Verbatim extracts that substantiate supportive role of teacher

From: Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

RP1 “[I always ask Bhaiya*1 at the centre. Sometimes to my schoolteacher, but Bhaiya always solves my doubts. My school does not have good teachers. I understand better at the centre]”

RP5 [“I like Maths because my maths teacher at the centre really teaches well”]

RP11 “I ask doubts from my teacher in the class itself”

RP14 “Our science teacher tells us interesting stories and makes the subject so interesting”

RP13 “I like history. I do not get bored in history class at all. Our teacher plays quizzes”

RP2 “[My mother is not educated. I take help from my teacher at this centre for my doubts, and she always helps me].” [Other than studies, I like to dance and so I went to a dance teacher to learn dancing]

RP7 “I used to go to school earlier, but now I only come to centre, because the teachers here are good”

NGO Coordinator—“The volunteer teachers here are mostly engineers and are good at maths. Maybe that’s the reason many students like maths”


Teachers who are supportive and helpful encourage students to engage with them at a personal level

Involved Teachers try to generate interest for the subject

Teachers who are approachable motivate students to study

Children see teachers as quality experts who help them learn new things and solve their doubts. Children studying the NGO were getting access to quality teachers at the NGO centre and not in their school, unlike those from privileged families who acknowledged the quality teachers they learnt from in school

  1. The Memo text recorded by the Authors during the research are highlighted in Bold
  2. The underlined text in the box signify recrurring themes identified by paying attention to participant’s language
  3. [] The translated verbatim extracts are enclosed in square brackets
  4. 1*Children in the NGO addressed the coordinator and the volunteer teachers there as “Bhaiya”, a term used to address elder brother in Hindi language