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Box 3 Verbatim extract that substantiate presence of a trusted study advisor

From: Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

RP1 [“I always ask Bhaiya* at the centre. Sometimes to my teacher, but Bhaiya always solves my doubts”]

RP13 “tuition sir helps me with my doubts”

RP2 [“For studies I always take help from Bhaiya or my schoolteacher”]

RP7 [“Bhaiya helps me with my studies and doubts”]

RP9 [“Teacher in school taught me. I did not understand, I asked Bhaiya, and he helped me solve problems”]

RP10 “For all subjects I take help from Mumma, for Spanish my elder brother helps me learn”

RP11 “My father helps me before exams. I go to my dad when I get doubts while studying”


An elder sibling, a parent, a tuition teacher can function as a trusted study advisor

Children usually reach out to the trusted study advisor if they get stuck in studies

Trusted study advisors may be proactively engaging with the child and help him/her with studies

  1. The Memo text recorded by the Authors during the research are highlighted in Bold
  2. [] The translated verbatim extracts are enclosed in square brackets