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Box 4 Verbatim extract that substantiate self-directed learning

From: Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

RP1 [“I am preparing mental ability questions from a book myself; I like maths. I can learn myself from books, when I have doubts, I ask bhaiya for help. I enjoy both self-study and group study. I will become an engineer when I grow up.”]
RP9 [“I study myself and I like maths and English.”]
RP2 [“I want to be a doctor; I came first in the last exam. I study myself at home for 1.5 h daily]
RP8 [“Last I learnt Divide in maths using YouTube video online by myself”]
RP10 “I learnt making games online by myself. I did not take anyone’s help. But for school syllabus I only take help from my mother”
RP12 “I have learnt many things by myself using internet online. I sometimes ask my brother or father if I get stuck installing something. I learnt video editing online by myself.”
Children are naturally inclined to self-directed learning
They learn things of their interest on their own
They learn using ICT and apps
They learn from books in solo as well as in groups
Their self-direction, interest and motivation in learning helps with their studies
  1. The Memo text recorded by the Authors during the research are highlighted in Bold
  2. The underlined text in the box signify recrurring themes identified by paying attention to participant's language
  3. [] The translated verbatim extracts are enclosed in square brackets