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Box 5 Verbatim extract that substantiate affordability of device

From: Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

RP1 [“I don’t have any device, nobody in my house has a mobile. My mother works as a house help, it is too expensive for us to buy”]
RP2 [“We have only one mobile phone at home for all family members. I don’t have a computer….I have seen one in the school”]
RP3 [“My father has a mobile phone. I use it sometimes to call Bhaiya”]
RP4 [“I could not attend online classes. We don’t have a phone or computer”]
RP5 [“No, I don’t have a mobile. My father has one, but I cannot attend classes in it”]
NGO coordinator—“They live in nearby areas; their parents are daily wage workers. None of them have a mobile, their parents may have. Typically, in one family there may be one mobile.”
RP10 “I have my own laptop”
RP12 “I use my iPad”
RP13 “I have a Personal Computer”
RP14 “I have a laptop”
Children who come from underprivileged families do not have access to devices like mobiles and laptops due to their cost. ICT devices must be affordable for all sections of the society or educational products must be innovated to work in all kinds of devices
  1. The Memo text recorded by the Authors during the research are highlighted in Bold
  2. The underlined text in the box signify recrurring themes identified by paying attention to participant's language
  3. [] The translated verbatim extracts are enclosed in square brackets