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Box 8 Verbatim extract that substantiate financial sponsorship/aid

From: Unsung voices of technology in school education-findings using the constructivist grounded theory approach

RP1 [“My fees are paid by the NGO Bhaiya. I like studies and the friends I get to make here. My school provides me mid-day meals”]

RP2 [“Bhaiya gives me books and study materials in the centre. I have seen a computer in school. Sometimes the teachers show us “When asked how frequent, once in a week ?” once in two or three months”, “I want to be doctor”]

RP8” [“I do not go to any other school. I used to but now I do not. I like this centre; they pay my fees”]

RP13 “My parents pay my fees and buy all that I need for studies”


Children from underprivileged recognized the financial support they were getting and were determined to work hard to improve their status. In fact, all of them had a career aspiration. However, the privileged category participants did not mention this aspect, upon inquiry recognized their parents as their funders or providers

  1. The Memo text recorded by the Authors during the research are highlighted in Bold
  2. [] The translated verbatim extracts are enclosed in square brackets