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Table 2 Instructional practices that support learners’ SRL and self-determined motivation

From: Self-regulated learning, self-determination theory and teacher candidates’ development of competency-based teaching practices

SD needs Instructional practices that support SD motivation Instructional practices that promote SRL
Autonomy Minimize directives
Communicate flexible expectations
Provide choice
Provide rationales for tasks
Provide opportunities for students to take control of learning
Individualize expectations
Provide choice
Give students opportunities to select meaningful tasks
Competence Encourage student involvement
Provide appropriately challenging activities
Provide ongoing scaffolding support for task engagement
Provide informative feedback
Establish familiar routines
Structure supports for participation
Provide appropriately challenging activities
Provide ongoing scaffolding for SRL
Provide informative feedback
Relatedness Respond to students’ needs and interests
Sustain positive teacher and student interactions
Respond to students’ current interests and abilities
Provide individualized instruction
Offer teacher encouragement and opportunities for student collaboration