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Table 10 Students’ comments on strengths and weaknesses of the two MAR applications

From: Evaluating system usability of mobile augmented reality application for teaching Karnaugh-Maps

System Strengths Weaknesses
Keypad-based MAR Good innovation for future engineering education
System acts as a self-guiding tool and helps us in correcting our answers
Good approach for self-evaluation
It helped to understand k-map, which is a complex topic that is hard to grab through traditional teaching
It transforms the traditional teaching to game-based teaching
Enhance the UI of the application so that interaction could be easy with pushbuttons
Multiple Marker-based MAR Provides end to end knowledge of K-Map
Self-guiding to understand complex topics
Could enhance the learning skills of the students by transforming learning into game-based learning
System is challenging to manage. If the paper is folded, then the system does not work properly
Provides a lot of flickering effects