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Table 2 Existing definitions of open educator elements of open pedagogy

From: The why of open pedagogy: a value-first conceptualization for enhancing instructor praxis

Term Definition Citation
Open design “Open design refers to the creation and development of potentially meaningful learning experiences through open and transparent collaboration among course developers and peers using open educational resources, open educational practices and open technologies.” Open Design and Development (n.d.)
Open content “It [Open Content] implies open licencing to enable re-use, revise, remix and re-distribute (the 4Rs). Open content is not defined by its intended use and covers raw data, research materials, learning and teaching materials and informational resources.” McGill (2013)
Open assessment “The process of learning verification and feedback that takes place collaboratively, mediated by free access tools in which teachers produce or adapt assessment resources and students adapt and reshape these resources for the purpose of generating for themselves an assessment that meets their personal needs, learning styles and context.” (p. 10) Chiappe (2012) in Chiappe et al. (2016)
OER-enabled pedagogy “We define OER-enabled pedagogy as the set of teaching and learning practices that are only possible or practical in the context of the 5R permissions which are characteristic of OER.” (p. 135) Wiley and Hilton (2018)