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Table 1 Generation (Gen) differences

From: Is Metaverse in education a blessing or a curse: a combined content and bibliometric analysis

Generation Type Baby Boomer Gen X Gen Y/Millennials Gen Z/iGeneration Gen Alpha
Years range 1946–1964 1965–1980 1981–1994 1995–2010* 2010–2025*
Age range as in 2022 58–76 43–57 28–42 12–27 1–12
New Technology Television Computers Internet Smart phones Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
Learning style Rote, hands-on** Self-directed, mix traditional with technology** Groups, lots of tests** Groups, lots of tests, online, ‘gamification’** Online, blended, ‘gamification’
  1. *As referenced in (Jha, 2020; Nagy & Kölcsey, 2017)
  2. **As referenced in (Moore & Frazier, 2017)