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Table 2 LKPTE parameters

From: Ubiquitous learning analytics in the real-world language learning

Parameter Detail
L g (Who) Gender of learners
L a (Who) Age of learners
L n (Who) Native language of learners (e.g., Japanese, English, Chinese)
L l (Who) Level of learners (e.g., Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
K l (What) Level of knowledge (e.g., JLPT word level)
K t (What) Type of word (e.g., noun, verb, adverb, adjective)
P l (Where) Location of place (e.g. latitude and longitude)
P n (Where) Name of place (e.g. university, museum, supermarket)
T s (When) Season (spring, summer, fall, winter)
T f (When) Time of day (morning, daytime, night)
E d (How) Direct experience
Ei (How) Indirect experience