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Table 1 Video annotation comparison

From: Video annotation and analytics in CourseMapper

  Features VideoAnnEx VITAL MuLVAT WaCTool MAT CATool CLAS CourseMapper
Low-level features Provide annotation panel, where learners can enter specific notes for the video lecture
  Provide full video controls e.g. play, stop, loop, volume
  Provide video viewing area
  Allow learners to define custom annotation markers
  Support safety and privacy by providing login identity    
  Timeline marker       
  Provide external discussion tools e.g. wiki, blog, chat  
  Assign descriptive annotation list       
  Support automatic shot detection       
High-level features Provide different ways for annotations filtering mechanism         
  Provide structured dictionaries for annotations      o   
  Support collaborative annotations     o
  Support collaborative discussion panel.      
  Provide links to related data e.g. PDF, PPT, lecture note     
  Provide timeline range e.g. start and ending time for each annotation        
  Provide social bookmarking      
  Support search mechanism for annotations and comments        
  Provide a rating system e.g. like and dislike, star rating        
  Provide structured organizational annotation methods e.g. mind-maps        
  Enable integratin in Learning Management Systems (LMS) or MOOCs       
  Allow embedding annotations inside video o   o     
  Annotations are updated in real-time        
  1. yes: ✔, no: blank, partially: o