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Table 1 Questionnaire Results

From: A mobile context-aware medical training system for the reduction of pathogen transmission

Question Average Scale Value (0–4)
1. I think my staff and I would like to use this system frequently 3.3
2. I found the system unnecessarily complex 0.9
3. I thought the system was easy to use 3.4
4. I think that my staff and I, would need the support of a technical person to be able to use this system once it has been setup for my site 2.2
5. I found the various functions of this system were well integrated 3.4
6. I thought there was too much inconsistency in this system 0.8
7. I would imagine that most of my staff would learn to use this system very quickly 3.4
8. I found the system very cumbersome to use 0.7
9. I felt very confident using the system, and that it provided useful information 3.6
10. My staff and I will need to learn a lot of things before we could get going with this system 1.5
11. My staff would benefit from using this system 3.6
12. This would serve as a good training/reminder tool 3.7