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Table 2 Indicators for the five typical learning environments in smart cities

From: Smart learning environments for a smart city: from the perspective of lifelong and lifewide learning

Indicator Sub-level indicators(Abbreviation)
School learning environment indicator Computer resource allocation in primary and middle schools (ComRes)
Multimedia classrooms in primary and middle schools (MulClas)
Digital resource of primary and middle schools (DigRes)
Family learning environment indicator Family digital devices (FamDig)
Family book possession (FamBook)
Satisfaction with family learning environment (FamSat)
Community learning environment indicator Utilization of learning places in community (PlaceCom)
Utilization of community’s information platform (PlatCom)
Participation of learning activities in community (ActCom)
Development of community education (DevCom)
Workplace learning environment indicator Internet environment in workplace (IntWork)
Learning engagement in workplace (EngWork)
Online learning in workplace (OnlWork)
Museum learning environment indicator Number of museums (NumMus)
Utilization of the museum for learning (UtilMus)
Informationization in museum (InfMus)