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Table 1 Sample answers on the closed questions

From: The future role of mobile learning and smartphones applications in the Iraqi private universities

sample size (n = 92)
No. Item agree neutral disagree
1. Are you aware of the good use of computers, smartphones or iPads? 60.68 36.94 2.17
2. Are those devices easy and effective in providing useful information about your college speciality and curricula? 85.86 13.03 1.08
3. Do you know websites you can reach to collect the required information for your curricula? 66.3 20.64 13.04
4. Do you prefer search online for your study materials or going to the college library? 56.52 31.52 11.95
5. Would you like to develop and your abilities and skills in your speciality by looking for information online? 71.72 22.82 5.43
6. Do you have a certain apps on your smartphone that help you in your study? 56.52 11.95 31.52
7. Are you registered on a webpage or website that handle your study and speciality? 44.56 10.86 44.56
8. Do you prefer searching study materials in e-libraries in your spare time using computer or smartphones? 46.73 36.94 16.3
9. Do you think e-lectures will help you in your study more than printed ones? 40.21 33.68 26.08
10. Are study courses taught available online? 20.65 42.38 36.95