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Table 2 Undergraduate objective-conclusion pair example

From: Identification of essential attributes in conclusions of student reports

S1: Design application software in Visual Basic for data acquisition of digital drivers using OPC technology.
S2: This work shows the communication between software and PLC Allen-Bradley Compact Logix, covering processing needs for level control of a boiler.
S3: As we noted earlier, each driver manufacturer has a different method of accessing the internal information, therefore for this reason the software designed should be adapted to the driver manufacturer, considering slight changes in the routing of the items (variables) located within the controller memory.
S4: The graphical interface designed is a clear example of the scope that has Visual Basic for design automation technologies and therefore is widely used by international designers.
S5: Moreover, it can be noticed that the Ethernet communication provides a higher speed compared with the RS-232, using Ethernet we achieve a more reliable monitoring since we satisfied with the information presented on screen, achieving more efficient supervisory control.
S6: Furthermore, as recommendation observe that the GUI can be modified at any time with the right software, with the use of the OPC library (open technology).
S7: The interface turns into a tool that efficiently makes the control of a process within any industry to provide the operator updated and organized information, we mention that the basis of this program can be used for control of different variables either temperature, flow or pressure.
S8: Thus, we see that the OPC technology offers a variety of tools for client-server connection, showing great amplitude data management.