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Table 1 Proposed questions within the questionnaire

From: Current state of open educational resources in the Arab region: an investigation in 22 countries

Perception towards OER1. Does OER enhance learning outcomes and facilitate knowledge sharing?
2. Does using OER will negatively affecting attending school?
3. Is the process of creating and publishing OER difficult?
OER use4. Do teachers/universities in your country provide or use OER in learning?
5. What barriers do you face in publishing and using OER in your country?
6. Are you aware of using open licenses (e.g., Creative Commons)?
7. What types of OER content you want to use or provide?
8. In which language you want to use OER?
Empowering OER9. Are there any OER platforms offered by your country?
10. Are there any provided Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in your country?
11. Are there any policies/strategies provided by your ministry of education/higher education to promote OER in your country?
12. Are there any initiatives (personal, institutional, regional or national) to promote OER in your country
OER Accessibility13. Are there OER for students with disability in your country?