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Table 10 Learners’ perspectives on how YouTube affordances made learning and improving writing interesting

From: Smart multimedia learning of ICT: role and impact on language learners’ writing fluency— YouTube online English learning resources as an example

Q35. How do you think that the affordances of YouTube videos made learning and improving writing interesting for you? (n) % responses
The availability of new, interesting, useful information, language, topics; this is engaging and makes me more active in writing classes; i.e., food for thought! (14) 92%
has content that is diversified in terms of language (i.e., formal and informal), topics and others’ cultures; (12) 78%
supports and provides multimedia learning through materials like readable, audible and/ or visual materials; (14) 92%
commenting on other’s writings and use their comments/ examples as in the comments/ live chat sections (i.e., using them in my writing later); (13) 85%
it is attractive and thus supports the visual and/or auditory learner; (13) 85%
new and diversified discussions and cultures in the learning materials (i.e., enriching for the writing experience); (11) 71%
community learning; (13) 85%
flexible, interactive, interesting and dynamic learning environment; (14) 92%
compelling and attractive content (i.e., learning materials); (14) 92%
I am a technophile, i.e., I like the virtual learning environment which includes unlimited number of good teachers with different teaching styles and learners with diverse backgrounds (14) 92%