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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for retrieving the dataset

From: Scientific production and thematic breakthroughs in smart learning environments: a bibliometric analysis

  Code Criteria Comment
Inclusion criteria (IC) IC 1 Articles containing one of the keywords in either title, abstract, or keywords. This study conducted a search with five keywords concatenated with OR operator (see string combination above)
IC 2 Documents written in the English language Only articles written in the English language were considered in this study.
IC 3 All date of publication We did not specify date range since it is of interest to discover the trend of the field and when discussion among scholars began.
IC 4 Articles in journals, conferences, and book chapters The search is focused on documents published in journals, conferences, book chapters only
Exclusion criteria (EC) EC 1 Articles with publication stage “in press.” Only final articles that have been successfully published were considered in this study.
EC 2 Articles whose source is a trade journal This study considered articles from trade journals irrelevant since they do not go through the peer-review process. Trade journals are articles written majorly to educate, inform, or promote certain trade or industry. They are either published online or in newspapers and magazines.