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Table 2 Data synthesis indicating primary information and summary of the dataset

From: Scientific production and thematic breakthroughs in smart learning environments: a bibliometric analysis

Description Results
Sources (journals, books, etc.) 535
Documents 1081
Average years from publication 2.48
Average citations per documents 4.46
Average citations per year per doc 0.99
References 38,382
Period 2002–2020
Keywords plus (ID) 3517
Author’s keywords (DE) 2885
Document Types
 Article 477
 Book chapter 107
 Conference paper 497
 Authors 2698
 Author appearances 3578
 Authors of single-authored documents 107
 Authors of multi-authored documents 2591
Authors Collaboration
 Single-authored documents 130
 Documents per author 0.40
 Authors per document 2.5
 Co-authors per documents 3.31
 Collaboration Index 2.72