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Table 1 Characteristics of college-aged Millennials

From: Smart education framework

Digitally literate Millennials are digitally literate
Multitasking Millennials are able to multitask rather than do a single task. They can move quickly from one task to another
Prefer visual media over text Millennials prefer visual media over text. They are relatively poor in text literacy
Prefer internet search over library search Millennials prefer internet search over library search
Connected Millennials stay connected. They crave connectivity
Immediacy Millennials require fast responses. They have a sense of immediacy
Experiential Millennials are experiential. Therefore, they prefer learning by doing rather than by being told what to do
Social and team player Millennials are social and often prefer to learn and work in teams
Achievement-oriented Millennials are very achievement-oriented
Interactivity and engagement Millennials require interactivity and engagement from learning environments. Otherwise, they lose focus