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Table 6 Flow state scale (proposed by Jackson and Eklund (2002) and validated for the gamification domain by Hamari and Koivisto (2014))

From: Predicting students’ flow experience through behavior data in gamified educational systems

Questions 1 2 3 4 5
I felt I was competent enough to meet the demands of the situation      
I did things spontaneously and automatically without having to think      
I had a strong sense of what I wanted to do      
I had a good idea about how well I was doing while I was involved in the task/activity      
I was completely focused on the task at hand      
I had a feeling of total control over what I was doing      
I was not worried about what others may have been thinking of me      
The way time passed seemed to be different from normal      
I found the experience extremely rewarding      
If you are filling out the form carefully, answer 4*      
  1. *Attention-check question (presented to participants in random order)