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Table 8 Six stages of the process of employing telepresence robots into educational activities

From: University academics’ perceptions regarding the future use of telepresence robots to enhance virtual transnational education: an exploratory investigation in a developing country

Stages’ descriptions

Number and percentage (%)

Awareness I am aware of the existence of the telepresence robot, but never used it. I am worried about the expectations of employing telepresence robots

16 (34.78%)

Learning I am attempting to learn the core basics of using telepresence robots. I am often dissatisfied about employing telepresence robots and I do not have confidence when using them

7 (15.22%)

Understanding I have begun to understand how to employ telepresence robots and can suggest some applications in which they might be effective

3 (6.52%)

Familiarity I am building self-confidence in employing telepresence robots for certain educational activities. I feel comfortable to some extent when employing the telepresence robots

0 (0%)

Adaptation I think telepresence robots are educational tools that can enable me in carrying out some educational practices and I am not anxious about them as technologies. I can employ a wide range of telepresence robots’ applications

0 (0%)

Creative application I have the ability to apply all I know about telepresence robots in different education contexts. I can use them as instructional tools and have integrated them into the courses I teach

0 (0%)